Bazaar 2020!

September 27, 2020


Auction Winners:

Item#Title Amount Highest Bidder
1Statue of the Virgin Mary    160.00Sealy Commercial Contractor Services, Inc. 
2Fr. Jonathan’s Basket of Fire    450.00Doug Konesheck
3Black & Gold Bonanza 2,525.00Amy Cryan
4Homemade Ranger Cookies    410.00Maxine Kohlleppel
5Homemade Noodles    300.00Sealy Dental Center 
6Poppyseed Cake    160.00Christine Chapman
7Yummy Noodles    205.00Jason & Courtney Feik
8Half gallon of peanut brittle    400.00Maxine Kohlleppel
9German Chocolate Cake    205.00Diane & Michael Holub
10Ranger Cookies in Collector’s Lipton Tea Glass Container    260.00Sealy Commercial Contractor Services, Inc. 
11Kitchen Aid Mixer    360.00Darrell Faldyn
12Homemade Mixed Fruit Kolaches    500.00Sealy Dental Center 
13Handcrafted Pink Crystal Rosary    100.00Dick and Judy Perkins 
14Welding Valve/Gauge      65.00Daniel Cano
15Royal Dalton Bunnykins    205.00Marianne Fiedler
16Michael Kors Wallet    115.00Rosalva Martinez
17State Series Quarters Collection Map      85.00Albert Brown
181922 – P PEACE Dollar (Philadelphia Mint)      70.00Steve Wilson
19Star Studded Unicorn & Disney Princess Dream TOYS set      90.00Sealy Commercial Contractor Services, Inc. 
20Battery Operated Blower Kit    190.00Daniel Cano
21Wet & Dry Shop Vac    120.00Larry Kana
22Shade Canopy    155.00Sealy Commercial Contractor Services, Inc. 
233 Dimensional Look Inside Books      50.00Patsy Verm
24Cast Iron BBQ OR Fire  Pit    260.00Cindy Schmidt
25Thankful & Blessed Yard Sign      65.00Sealy Commercial Contractor Services, Inc. 
26Wrought Iron Chairs    130.00Dottie Kutra
27Butter Pecan Cookies    505.00Maxine Kohlleppel
282 Homemade Cream Cheese Rolls 1,000.00Sealy Dental Center 
29Hand Quilted King Size Dresden Plate Quilt 1,250.00Sealy Commercial Contractor Services, Inc. 
30Gig ‘Em Aggies Quilted Throw    200.00Susanne Shupak
31Hand Sketched Framed Drawing    110.00Darrin & Donna Koym
32Framed Oil on Canvas Paintings by Glauco Chaves    100.00Therese Hagen
33Texas Longhorn  Quilted Throw    150.00Diane & Michael Holub
34Amaretto Bundt Cake    140.00Rhonda and Walter cano
35TOY Bonanza    120.00Marianne Fiedler
36White Coconut Cake    200.00Christine Chapman
37Framed Last Supper of our Lord    160.00Mona Norris
38Roll top Camp Kitchen Table      90.00Darrell Faldyn
39Welder’s Valve/Gauge      60.00Maxine Kohlleppel
401922 – P PEACE Dollar (Philadelphia Mint)      75.00Mona Norris
41Homemade Dewberry Pie    505.00Karen Burttschell
42Fall Scarecrow Yard Art      70.00Joyce Eckelberg
43Italian Creme Layered Cake    250.00Patsy Verm
44Outstanding Tree Service
3 Hours of Tree Trimming anywhere in Austin County, Texas.
 1,800.00Sealy Dental Center 
45Hey Ya’ll Red Yard Sign Or Interior Decor      80.00Richard Holloman
46Sweet Baby Love & Metal Cradle with Accessories & MORE    105.00Marcie  Chapman
47Girl’s Tea Party Dream Package      65.00Carolyn  Satterwhite 
48DelRose’s Famous Banana Pudding    245.00Darrell Faldyn
49Jesus’s Garden Quilted Wall Hanging    200.00Hilda Gomez
50Antique 70 piece set of Favolina Polish “Golden Wedding” Dishes    240.00Therese Hagen
511945 Mexican Gold Dos y Medio Peso (Restrike)    180.00Diane & Michael Holub
52Farmall Toy Tractor & Farmall Quilt    190.00Cindy Schmidt
53Shades of Pink and White  Embroidered Tablecloth with Beautiful Crocheted Lace Trim    110.00Marilyn C Adamcik
546 QT. Black Power Air Fryer Oven Elite    250.00Sealy Commercial Contractor Services, Inc. 
554 PATRIOTS Freedom Fridge
Insulated Food Locker & Red, white & blue American pride Afghan
    225.00Darrell Faldyn
561982 – S United States PROOF Set      45.00Carl Floyd
57Crescent Socket Set 1/4″ & 3/8″Drive      75.00Janice Kana
58Pan of Brownies    255.00Sealy Commercial Contractor Services, Inc. 
592 Lemon Loaves    280.00Sealy Commercial Contractor Services, Inc. 
60Pina Colada Cake    235.00David Diestel
61Dr. Pepper Cake    250.00Maxine Kohlleppel
62Sweet Tooth Delight – COOKIES for each Quarter of the year    405.00Sealy Commercial Contractor Services, Inc. 
63Dinosaur Lover’s Delight    160.00Diane Hajdik
64Step by Step Quilt    250.00Eric Pitre
65Fisherman’s Fun Package    150.00Laurie Michalke
66Family Game Night      65.00Amy Koy
67Home Made Pear Strudel    165.00Karen Burttschell
681922 – D PEACE Dollar (Denver Mint)      70.00Alan Prihoda
691923 – P Peace Dollar (Philadelphia Mint)      60.00Eric Pitre
70Homemade Cheese Rolls – 2    430.00Karen Burttschell
71Sugar Cookies    155.00Sealy Dental Center 
721 dozen Czech style Sausage kolaches    195.00Anonymous 
73Homemade Dozen of Cinnamon Rolls    210.00David Diestel
74Crafts and Games!!    200.00Citizens State Bank 
75Christmas Time Kid’s Set of Fun      60.00Therese Hagen
76Daddy & daughter Christmas package      55.00Luke Myhre
77Beautiful machine embroidered Quilt & Pillow Shams    340.00Rhonda and Walter cano
78Cross and Wall Hanging    150.00Carolyn Ritchey
79Helen’s Cross-Stitch Queen size Quilt 1,550.00Victoria Shupak
80Ninja Blender    165.00Citizens State Bank 
81SHARK Mop / Vacuum Set with 10 Pads    165.00Sealy Commercial Contractor Services, Inc. 
82Homemade Strudel    205.00Diane & Michael Holub
83Dessert of the Month 1,000.00Sealy Dental Center 
847 Decade Rosary      55.00Kirk oswald
85City Fun! Play Right Toys    105.00Sealy Commercial Contractor Services, Inc. 
86Speed Racing Toy Set      80.00Jason & Courtney Feik
87Princess House Stainless steel pot, sponge & cleaner      65.00Erik Rebollar 
88Paw Patrol Tricycle and Ball Pit      75.00Joyce Eckelberg
89Making Santa’s  List
Personalized Christmas Croaker Sack
      50.00Dustin Konesheck 
90Multi Purpose Cast Iron BBQ OR Fire  Pit with Lattice Grill    250.00Rhonda and Walter cano
9115 Quart Princess House Stockpot    170.00Steve Wilson
92Old Fashioned Traditional Peanut Brittle    360.00Maxine Kohlleppel
93Soup & Salad for 4    200.00Edith Fiedler
942 Handcrafted TABLES    325.00Kelly Wilson
95Patriotic Hand made Lap Quilt    150.00Christine Chapman
96Mary had a Little Lamb
His Name was Jesus
Handmade Baby Quilt
    150.00Daniel Cano
97Bronze 5 Piece Home Decor & Angel Candle Holder      25.00Joyce Eckelberg
98Southern Pecan Praline Cake    270.00Darrin & Donna Koym
991922 – P Peace Dollar (Philadelphia Mint)      60.00Steve Wilson
100Queen size Handcrafted Quilt
Shelter in Place
    925.00Ellen Remmert
101Banana Cream Cheese & Walnut Cake    160.00Jason & Courtney Feik
102Black Russian (Kahlua) Cake    160.00Citizens State Bank 
103Ultimate 3 Layer Carrot Cake    200.00Sealy Dental Center 
104Red Velvet Cake    160.00Michelle Henrichsen
105Craftsman 2 Cycle Weed Wacker    140.00Kelly Wilson
106Handmade Cutting Board Set of 2    180.00Carolyn Ritchey
107Angels Chorus Handcrafted Wall Hanging    125.00Steve Wilson
10812 Cakes1000.00Carolyn Bilski
109Box of Pickels100.00Leroy Zapalac
110Handmaid of the Lord Quilt250.00The Munguia’s