ICC Cemetery

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600 4th Street, Sealy, Texas 77474

Rules & Regulations

The following regulations are made in the best interest of all in order that Immaculate Conception Cemetery will always be maintained in a manner befitting its Holy purpose.  These regulations have been recommended by the Director of Catholic Cemeteries of the Archdiocese and approved by the Pastor.

  1. In order to make cemetery maintenance possible, flowers must be in approved containers.  (example: concrete vases, urns, or planters, or PVC piping.)  No permanent flowers, bushes, shrubs, or trees may be planted in this area.  Existing plants must be removed.  The Cemetery Association has the right to remove unauthorized plantings.
  2.  Floral stands, wreaths, baskets, and other tributes, which are part of the offering at the time of interment, will be left until wilted and then will be discarded.
  3. No concrete coverings on graves will be permitted.  Only those graves in the old section that were installed prior to the year 2000 will be allowed. 
  4. The only borders allowed will be masonry bricks or landscaping bricks provided they do not exceed the width of the headstone and extend no more than two (2) feet in front of the Monument.  (If unsure, there will be a picture on the bulletin board in the Church Foyer.)  Such area should be used for approved decorations of the gravesite.  These decorations should be kept to a minimum.  Decorations must be maintained in good condition or it shall be removed without prior notice by the Cemetery Association. Only bark mulch or like material may be used inside of the boundaries.
  5. NO granite or marble chips, gravel, stones, rocks, or like material will be permitted around any Monument.  If hit by the mowers, they can cause damage to equipment or injure the caretaker and visitors.  All existing materials must be removed immediately.  The Cemetery Association has the right to remove all existing related items.
  6. No glass or breakable objects of any kind will be permitted.  These items are too dangerous to be allowed.  The placing of vigil lights, candles, benches, concrete vases, urns, and planters will be permitted.
  7.   The Cemetery Association will conduct general cleanups three (3) times per year, spring, summer and fall.  These cleanups will be posted in the bulletin and/or at the entrance to the cemetery.  All flowers should be changed seasonally.  Any out-of-season flowers, those deemed unsightly, weathered, or faded must be removed by posted Cemetery cleanup days.  We encourage your support and cooperation.

ICC Cemetery is designed and maintained for the living as well as the deceased.  The cooperation of all makes our cemetery more beautiful as the years pass. 

THANK YOU for your cooperation!
The Cemetery Association

Purchasing Plots

Please contact Christina Doucett to purchase a plot.
A layout of available plots can been seen in the parish office.


  • Active Parishioner: $800
  • Active Parishioner’s Adult Child: $1000
  • Active Parishioner Cremation: $300
  • Non – Parishioner $2500
  • Non – Parishioner Cremation: $1000
  • Infant: $25