Online Giving

Current Month Collections:

*1st weekend Offering
*Community Concerns

*3rd Weekend Offering

*5th Weekend Offering

*2nd Weekend Offering
*Maintenance Fund
11/8/2020 – Retired Priests  
*4th Weekend Offering

Sign up for RECURRING!

We’re excited to participate in the Youth Scholarship Program from ParishSOFT, our giving provider! With a little help from our parish family, we can raise up to $2,000. The awarded scholarship funds go directly to our youth and equip us to do even more for the youth in our community.
How you can help:
Join us in furthering our youth program by simply setting up a recurring gift. Immaculate Conception receives $200 for every 25 new recurring givers! Not only does recurring giving help us better plan for ministry, but your dollars will go even further when we’re awarded scholarship money. The more recurring gifts, the more scholarship money goes to our youth! It’s that easy!

Collections for all year

Sunday Envelopes (please pick the upcoming weekend, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th)

Debt Reduction BLUE Envelope  – Every 2nd Sunday of the Month                                             

Sealy Christian Food Pantry & Ministerial Alliance – One each month except during Lent
World Hunger – One each week of Lent

Holy Days/Special Days   
1/1/2020 – Solemnity of the Mary, Mother of God  
8/15/2020 – Assumption of Mary
11/1/2020 – All Saints             
11/2/2020 – All Souls 
12/8/2020 – Immaculate Conception
12/25/2020 – Christmas           

Altar Society Envelopes         
2/2/2020 – Altar Society Membership          
3/22/2020 – Easter Flowers 
12/6/2020 – Christmas Flowers          

Second Collections: 
1/26/2020 – Bishop’s Fund for Latin America
2/26/2020 – Social Ministries/Ash Wednesday
3/1/2020 – Black & Indian Missions
3/22/2020 – Catholic Relief Services 
4/10/2020 – Holy Land/Good Friday 
4/26/2020 – Home Missions
5/24/2020 – Catholic Communications 
6/28/2020 – Peter’s Pence   
8/9/2020 – Infirm Priests    
9/6/2020 – Catholic University of America   
10/18/2020 – Propagation of the Faith 
11/8/2020 – Retired Priests  
11/22/2020 – Camp for Human Development
12/13/2020 – Retirement Fund for the Religious